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Expert Treatment & Testing for Cataracts in North Charleston

Expert Treatment & Testing for Cataracts in North Charleston

Many people have heard of cataracts, but the definition may not be familiar. What is a cataract? The term refers to compromised vision, including cloudiness, yellowing or dimming of your field of vision. These effects, though inconvenient, do not cause any pain, and they are not caused by film over the eyes or overuse of eyes. At the office of Dr. Marion Kenney & Associates, we regularly treat patients with this condition in North Charleston, and we can help you if you are dealing with cataracts, too.

Do You Have Blurred Vision, Light Sensitivity or Fading Colors?

In some cases, patients do not even know they have cataracts if the effect is not present in the center of their field of vision. There are several symptoms, however, that you should pay attention to. They include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Poor night vision
  • Fading colors
  • Double vision
  • Brighter light needed for reading
  • Light sensitivity or glare

If you are dealing with any of the aforementioned symptoms, cataract testing administered by your optometrist can determine whether or not you have the illness. If so, there is cataract treatment available, such as surgery, visual correction, glasses and intraocular lenses. You can partner with your eye care provider to decide which choice is best for you.

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Cataracts can be a serious condition if they are not treated by an optometrist. Dr. Marion Kenney & Associates specializes in treating such conditions and provides excellent care to every patient. If you are suffering from this or any other vision problem, you can count on our staff to help you make a full recovery. We serve clients in North Charleston, and if you need glaucoma treatment, we can help with that, too. You can reach out to us at 843-797-0737 to arrange an appointment.