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Comprehensive Eye Exams in North Charleston

Comprehensive Eye Exams

If you have ever had an eye exam before, you already know the drill. It can vary, but it will typically entail vision- and eye-function testing as well as a thorough analysis of your eyes’ health. In doing so, your optometrist can better understand any symptoms or issues you may report regarding your vision. Dr. Marion Kenney & Associates offers eye exam services in North Charleston, including contact lens exam and eye checkup options. The next time you need a vision exam, we can perform a thorough checkup and partner with you for better optical health.

Signs It May Be Time for an Annual Examination

It’s a good idea to have an eye examination annually. If you require vision aids, a contact exam or eyeglass exam is especially advisable so you can keep a regularly updated prescription. Regardless of annual appointments, however, you should schedule an optical exam if you are experiencing problems with your vision or an ineffective prescription. A vision examination can help pinpoint the problem and lead to treatment or a new prescription that may improve your eyesight. We can help you find the right glasses or contact lenses for your vision needs.

Our Optometrists Provide Quality Care

Dr. Marion Kenney & Associates is the home of your friendly neighborhood vision care experts. We believe that every person should enjoy healthy eyes and great eyesight, so we serve the community of North Charleston by providing excellent optometry care. In addition to routine exam options, we offer specialized eye disease treatment that can resolve many vision issues. For more information on our services or to set up an appointment, you can call us at 843-797-0737.